The only way to do

great work is to

love what you do.


- Steve Jobs


We aim to be regional specialists in HR Consulting, becoming first HR service provider in fully customised end-to-end solutions.

Our mission is to advise, provide and educate clients on HR solutions that can improve their HR process, leading them to improved productivity.

By indentifying impact of HR management on your business operations, we recommend HR services that are time and cost effective, saving you money and improving your results. We promote effective business behaviors that characterise a good HR consulting practice such as quality, customisation and value at all times.


Primus Group supllies continuous quality of service to clients, resulting in a successful, long term partnership.


Primus Group keep focus on the successful delivery that is fully tailored to the satisfaction of clients, working together to ensure the best possible outcome.


Primus Group seeks to deliver maximum value to clients, ensuring that processes are efficient, costs are kept to a minimum, so that services are delivered in the most cost-effective manner, always bringing an added value to clients.